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Fix Roadrunner Email Issues in Android

Roadrunner Email

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Launching Gmail on android phones is quite simple, but you can find your Roadrunner email through Gmail as well. Many users opt to see it operated utilizing the android email program with the settings IMAP and POP. It may be difficult, but your roadrunner email issues will be solved by following the below step.

  1. Open the Mail in your Android
  2. Now enter your roadrunner email address and tap Next.
  3. Choose POP3 and click on Next.
  4. Now access your Roadrunner password.
  5. Under the Incoming server settings, you want to fill in the following information:
  • Username: enter your email address
  • Password: use your Roadrunner email password
  • Server: pop. Server. (the information may differ depending on the location)
  • Port: 110
  • Safety type: None
  1. Hit on Next, and then input the following details under Outgoing server settings:
  • Server: SMTP-server. (may differ depending on the location).
  • Port: 587
  • Safety type: Not one
  • Require sign-in: Assess
  • Username:
  • Password: Utilize your Roadrunner email password.
  1. Click on OK
  2. Now select the time till then you want the message to stay on your mobile.
  3. Next, tap on OK and again submit the installation.

Following the instructions mentioned below, and you will access the roadrunner email on your android phones.

Procedure to Manually Roadrunner Email

  1. Open the Applications tray, click on “My Accounts.”
  2. Choose “Add Account.”
  3. Provide your full Roadrunner email address, including” domain name in all lower case.
  4. Enter the Roadrunner password.
  5. Uncheck automatically configure the account.
  6. Click on “Next.”
  7. Click General Settings, check that information in all General Settings fields is correct or not. Make any required changes, and then choose to exit this menu.
  8. Tap on Incoming Server.
  9. Tap POP mail server.
  10. Enter POP3 server- -(*** si refers to Staten Island)
  11. Provide Port- 110
  12. Write down your username and your password.
  13. Uncheck Use Secure server
  14. Uncheck Verify certificate
  15. Tap OK
  16. Select Outgoing server–
  17. Enter SMTP server- – (*** si refers to Staten Island only)
  18. Use secure server unchecked.
  19. Confirm certificate is unchecked or not.
  20. Enter Port- 25 (*** Port 587 can also be used for outgoing if 25 does not work)
  21. Click on “OK
  22. Click on another setting.
  23. Select the length of time messages will keep on the phone. (1 week, two weeks, one month, two months, Never Delete Messages)
  24. Click on “OK
  25. Hit on “OK” again to submit your email set-up.

If you get any difficulty following these steps, you can contact the Roadrunner customer number, where experts will assist you in completing Roadrunner Email Setup. You can reach out to experts at any time. They are available for you 24*7.

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